juli 2013

I'm so sorry for not blogging! When Kristine was here, we planned something every day and got so little sleep that when she left, that's all I wanted to do. SLEEP. And three days ago, my mom picked me up because I'm staying with her for about two weeks. Yesterday, she got a kitten!! I chose the name Pan, as it was the name that kind of stuck when I was reading through a list of male cat names. It reminds me both of the movie Pan's Labyrinth and Peter Pan. Plus, wasn't the main character in The Golden Compass' daemon's name, Pan? The name is simple enough that my 7 year old brother won't have a problem with pronouncing it, and it's cute.
I'll try to remember and upload photos from when Kristine was here, and a bunch of pictures of the cutie, Pan! Right now, my contact lenses (prescription, not circle lenses) are getting all dry since I've been up since 9 AM to keep Pan company while my mom went to work, and only slept for about 4 hours. So what I'm gonna do now, is EAT. Because I'm hungry. Yeah. Then I'm gonna sleep. ZZzzzz.
(If you want to see a photo of him right away, you can see in my sidebar that I've uploaded pictures of him on instagram!)


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