A few days ago I ordered from I usually never spend this much money on clothes in one go, but I really am in need of new tops. Goodbye, money. *waves handkerchief*

Aaah, I can't wait till I get the packages!! They have a sale for June, so when I ordered for over $120, I got $20 off! I also had a coupon on $7 off on orders over $30, which would expire on June 30th, so of course I had to use it when I actually had money.
I REALLY needed a belt, because I have none. And I've always wanted a belt with spikes, so I was really happy when I found one on Romwe. The t-shirt I'm wearing in the picture on the sidebar, I also bought from Romwe, and I love it.

Awkward face is awkward. My side profiles are really different from each other because my face isn't very symmetrical, so I usually prefer my right side (not this one).
Ida and I took a small "photoshoot", because I want to get better and more comfortable with other people taking my pictures. But I will post more pictures of that later. I remember when I was a little kid, I'd hide my face and scream "Noo! Don't take pictures of me!". I really disliked it, haha!

Another t-shirt I purchased on! I LOVE IT, it's so cool.

Before I forget, a HUUUUGE thanks to Kristine who did my whole blog design!! I'm a complete amateur on stuff like that, so I had no idea what to do. So when she offered to help, of course I accepted. It helps that we're really good friends, so she knows me well! Thanks, guuurl.



21.06.2013 kl.18:48

aww, so beautiful , love your style ~

Hibernating Helene

21.06.2013 kl.18:51

Hitoro~: Thank youu. ;u;


21.06.2013 kl.20:04

you're welcome darliiing~ anytime!

jeg elsker de tskjortene med de skjeletthendene, why can't I have them too sobsobsob

Hibernating Helene

21.06.2013 kl.21:30

K E J I: ohoho. <3 'cus you're too young to order online, MUAHAHA


21.06.2013 kl.22:25

bitch please you take my orders

Hibernating Helene

21.06.2013 kl.23:00

K E J I: ;_____;

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