We've been babysitting a cat since 26. or 27. December 2012 (a few days before New Year), and he just got picked up by his owner who got released from the hospital yesterday!
I'm so sad, because it was obvious that he (Pus, or in English, Kitty) didn't recognize his owner. And when he took Pus outside to his car, he wouldn't stop meowing. I'm not going to lie, I won't miss the constant shedding of hair EVERYWHERE. Hair in my drink, hair in my food, hair stuck on my lips or tickling my nose when I'm about to sleep - the list goes on. But I will miss Pus himself. When we first got him, he seemed really scared and not used to being cuddled at all. He kept hiding under our beds, and it was obvious that he never sat on people's laps. But NOW, now he always wants to cuddle. He kept jumping on my lap when I tried to do my business in the bathroom... Not cool, haha. But if I held my hand forward, he would just keep his paws on my thighs, not try to jump up. Then look at me with his huge eyes.

PUUUUUUS. /cries



21.06.2013 kl.15:59

awwf :c

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