Hey everyone, I made a new blog!
I wasn't satisfied with the one I had before, and felt it was so half-assed done. It didn't help that I had no motivation whatsoever to blog, but hopefully I will be better this time. There will be some changes. First of all, the blog will be written in English. Of course, if you want to comment in Norwegian, go ahead! I will answer back in Norwegian as well, if you want me to. That will probably the easiest.

For those of you who didn't read my past blog: Heeey guuurl!! Or boy.


Things I've written down as ideas of what to blog about:
- Fashion (Err, I don't know, because my knowledge isn't exactly the best.)
- Write reviews for shit like circle lenses (Possible, possible.)
- Outfit of the day (Can be done the days I actually go outside my bear-cave.)
- Buys (Show you shit I've ordered online or actually went outside to the real world to buy? Done.)
- Movie/TV-shows reviews (ERRR, no. I am not capable enough for that, haha. I can say whether I liked something or not, but not a full blown review.)
- Post pictures of my drawings (Seeing as I draw less than 3 times a month, usually, there won't be too much of this. But I will show you SOME drawings.)
- Possible giveaways when I get a job (Which means I can get a giveaway up by the end of the year, or after Christmas. Will most likely be skin products and stuff like that.)

That was all I'd written down. Now, seeing as I majorly suck in writing introductions about me personally, I'll just leave you to read the sidebar on the left there.



21.06.2013 kl.13:31

IM UR BIGGEST FAN!!11!1!11!1 yAY

Hibernating Helene

21.06.2013 kl.14:14

K E J I: *u*

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