I'm so sorry for not blogging! When Kristine was here, we planned something every day and got so little sleep that when she left, that's all I wanted to do. SLEEP. And three days ago, my mom picked me up because I'm staying with her for about two weeks. Yesterday, she got a kitten!! I chose the name Pan, as it was the name that kind of stuck when I was reading through a list of male cat names. It reminds me both of the movie Pan's Labyrinth and Peter Pan. Plus, wasn't the main character in The Golden Compass' daemon's name, Pan? The name is simple enough that my 7 year old brother won't have a problem with pronouncing it, and it's cute.
I'll try to remember and upload photos from when Kristine was here, and a bunch of pictures of the cutie, Pan! Right now, my contact lenses (prescription, not circle lenses) are getting all dry since I've been up since 9 AM to keep Pan company while my mom went to work, and only slept for about 4 hours. So what I'm gonna do now, is EAT. Because I'm hungry. Yeah. Then I'm gonna sleep. ZZzzzz.
(If you want to see a photo of him right away, you can see in my sidebar that I've uploaded pictures of him on instagram!)

T-shirt: Romwe.com
Shorts: Gina Tricot
Boots: Ebay
Awkward arm: Helene

Kristine is here!! She came with the bus around 5 PM, and she's going to stay here a week from now. Tomorrow (or, today) we're going to shop at the local shopping mall, Downtown. Kristine brought... a lot of money. Fucking jelly.
We just watched the first X-men movie, and are planning on watching the two next ones and First Class. Kristine has only seen the whole Wolverine: Origins movie, and she prefers watching movies with others, so we thought "why not watch it when she's here?" Both Ida and I love X-men, so it's perfect. We are also going to watch the Men in Black and Transformer movies if we get the time. Now we're going to bed, because Ida wants to be up early to buy Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I hope they have it in stock, because they didn't last time we checked! Kristine has kept herself from playing so they could start at the same time, so it would suck if we couldn't find it.


Last weekend, Ida and I went with my mom and younger brother to Sweden! We took a ferry from Sandefjord, went to Nordby (a shopping center) and looked around. Drove to Svinesund and bought candy and energy drinks, theeen took another, smaller ferry from Moss to Horten. Stopped at McDonalds to eat dinner (it's OK to indulge yourself from time to time, lol), then FINALLY drove back home to my mom's house.
Here are a bunch of pictures, enjoy!

Lazy makeup that day, since we woke up around 7-8 AM.

I'm gorgeous. Haters gonna hate.

Testing the quality of my new phone! Bought it the day before we went to Sweden, and I love it so far. (Samsung Galaxy SIII)

The note said that the eggs were hard boiled... LIAR!!! Felt like the egg was gonna explode in my face when I was peeling it.

Mom is cute and only 1.51 meters tall, awww.

Ida camwhored on my phone, HAHAHA.


I love salt and vinegar flavored potato chips. It's an aquired taste, I guess, haha.

ENERGY DRINKS!! Gonna keep us going when Kristine gets here tomorrow!

McFlurry with Twix and Daim. The Twix had hard chocolate chunks... they weren't very pleasant to chew. I prefer Daim, but it still tasted good.

By the end of the day, my feet were aching really bad from all the walking we did in Nordby. But I had a good time with my mom and baby brother (Ida I see all the time, because we're roommates). I can't wait till I visit mom in July, because she's going to get a kitten!! I LOVE KITTENS.
Sweet baby jesus, I need a cat in my life. I've had cats all my life, but Ida's family has a chihuahua (who is a total spoiled, barking psycho at times, but he knows not to disobey me when it's only him and me there. Good boy.), so they can't have cats. We watched over Pus for half a year as mentioned in a former post, but Ida's dad complained almost every day about the cat being annoying etc. when the dog barks whenever they're eating because he wants some (and he GETS some) too... What. I mean, he shouldn't have human food AT ALL. He also always get these dried pig ears, dog candy, and he bites and growls if you get too close and he thinks you're going to steal the candy. How can a cat be more annoying than that? I don't understand.

Which do you prefer the most: Cats or dogs? Personally, I'm more of a cat person, because they're not too dependent on you. I REALLY want a British Shorthair or Scottish Fold when I get an apartment, but I think I have to wait a few more years. The chances of finding an apartment that allows pets are small, unfortunately.


Yesterday, I was looking at a tumblr that had a lot of different pixel gyaru chibi's, so I got an urge to draw. This doesn't happen that often, so I milked it for all its worth!

A few quick ones of Kristine and her future boyfreeeeeeeen, Ida, and Kristine again in a school uniform.

The ugly one on the top right was the first one I drew last night, and I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing... Sloppy shit. But the other one is the one I spent the longest on, because it's so boring to shade hair, sobsob.

What do you think? Do you like to draw?


A few days ago I ordered from Romwe.com. I usually never spend this much money on clothes in one go, but I really am in need of new tops. Goodbye, money. *waves handkerchief*

Aaah, I can't wait till I get the packages!! They have a sale for June, so when I ordered for over $120, I got $20 off! I also had a coupon on $7 off on orders over $30, which would expire on June 30th, so of course I had to use it when I actually had money.
I REALLY needed a belt, because I have none. And I've always wanted a belt with spikes, so I was really happy when I found one on Romwe. The t-shirt I'm wearing in the picture on the sidebar, I also bought from Romwe, and I love it.

Awkward face is awkward. My side profiles are really different from each other because my face isn't very symmetrical, so I usually prefer my right side (not this one).
Ida and I took a small "photoshoot", because I want to get better and more comfortable with other people taking my pictures. But I will post more pictures of that later. I remember when I was a little kid, I'd hide my face and scream "Noo! Don't take pictures of me!". I really disliked it, haha!

Another t-shirt I purchased on Romwe.com! I LOVE IT, it's so cool.

Before I forget, a HUUUUGE thanks to Kristine who did my whole blog design!! I'm a complete amateur on stuff like that, so I had no idea what to do. So when she offered to help, of course I accepted. It helps that we're really good friends, so she knows me well! Thanks, guuurl.


We've been babysitting a cat since 26. or 27. December 2012 (a few days before New Year), and he just got picked up by his owner who got released from the hospital yesterday!
I'm so sad, because it was obvious that he (Pus, or in English, Kitty) didn't recognize his owner. And when he took Pus outside to his car, he wouldn't stop meowing. I'm not going to lie, I won't miss the constant shedding of hair EVERYWHERE. Hair in my drink, hair in my food, hair stuck on my lips or tickling my nose when I'm about to sleep - the list goes on. But I will miss Pus himself. When we first got him, he seemed really scared and not used to being cuddled at all. He kept hiding under our beds, and it was obvious that he never sat on people's laps. But NOW, now he always wants to cuddle. He kept jumping on my lap when I tried to do my business in the bathroom... Not cool, haha. But if I held my hand forward, he would just keep his paws on my thighs, not try to jump up. Then look at me with his huge eyes.

PUUUUUUS. /cries


Hey everyone, I made a new blog!
I wasn't satisfied with the one I had before, and felt it was so half-assed done. It didn't help that I had no motivation whatsoever to blog, but hopefully I will be better this time. There will be some changes. First of all, the blog will be written in English. Of course, if you want to comment in Norwegian, go ahead! I will answer back in Norwegian as well, if you want me to. That will probably the easiest.

For those of you who didn't read my past blog: Heeey guuurl!! Or boy.


Things I've written down as ideas of what to blog about:
- Fashion (Err, I don't know, because my knowledge isn't exactly the best.)
- Write reviews for shit like circle lenses (Possible, possible.)
- Outfit of the day (Can be done the days I actually go outside my bear-cave.)
- Buys (Show you shit I've ordered online or actually went outside to the real world to buy? Done.)
- Movie/TV-shows reviews (ERRR, no. I am not capable enough for that, haha. I can say whether I liked something or not, but not a full blown review.)
- Post pictures of my drawings (Seeing as I draw less than 3 times a month, usually, there won't be too much of this. But I will show you SOME drawings.)
- Possible giveaways when I get a job (Which means I can get a giveaway up by the end of the year, or after Christmas. Will most likely be skin products and stuff like that.)

That was all I'd written down. Now, seeing as I majorly suck in writing introductions about me personally, I'll just leave you to read the sidebar on the left there.


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